Escuvado Leather Care

Styles made from unique Escuvado leather, giving each item an exceptional patina and personal look. 

Each Escuvado Style is Unique

Embrace the inherent beauty of the Escuvado leather, understanding that variations in appearance are a testament to its natural origin. Each piece uniquely reflects the authentic character of the leather, adding to its charm, individuality and vintage look.

Because of its innate nature, small natural markings can show and is not a sign of fault. Escuvado is a natural leather, and its appearance changes over time. With wear, your shoes get the unique vintage look. 

Remember colour fading and natural markings can show and is not a sign of fault. On the contrary, this is evidence of the leather’s organic and unique texture.

Long Lasting & Easy to Revitalize

Escuvado leather acquires its distinctive natural appearance through the application of a waxy coating. Over time, you may notice the development of a white film on the leather, which isentirely normal and intentional due to the leather's natural properties. To maintain its protective cover, simply use a dry cloth to gently polish it off.

Condition your Escuvado sandals, shoes and boots with uncoloured shoe cream every month and before the first use to keep the leather fresh and supple. This provides a water- and stain-proofing surface, refreshes the colour and shine and moistures the leather.

Designed in Copenhagen & Handcrafted in Portugal

The Ivylee footwear is designed in Copenhagen and handmade using European materials carefully selected by our highly skilled Portuguese manufacturer. A consistent and close continuous partnership with the same expert manufacturers guarantee minimal errors, thereby reducing resources and waste.